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     Alchemy can be defined as, "A seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination."  At Wooden Alchemy Rob takes wood and turns it into fun collectible gifts and amazing heirloom works of art.

     Wooden Alchemy is a Veteran owned family business in Camden, Maine.  The store is the perfect place to get a unique gift for anybody.

     Carrying some other artists work as well,  the store is filled mostly with the wood art of Rob Jones, some 400 different products he has created.  The pieces range from small and whimsical to incredible one of a kind woodcarvings.  You will be amazed at the dizzying array of creativeness expressed in wood.  

     Stop in the store and check out the mini museum in the back of some of Rob's best work, playable brass instruments from wood like a BBb tuba from mahogany and other great items.  It's a place to be inspired, entertained, and to find the perfect gift that's made in Maine, USA!

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